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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Ella Vos 2020

ELLA VOS Reveals New Single ‘Burning Bridges’

Indie synth-pop breakout star Ella Vos continues to unveil her inspirational personal story in her latest delicately heartfelt single Burning Bridges. Surviving from a personal trauma that is postpartum depression and a divorce is hard. Getting diagnosed and recovering from cancer is undoubtedly even harder.

Young States 2020

YOUNG STATES Open up on New Single ‘Save Yourself’

Emotionally charged and broody, Young States share their introspective new track Save Yourself. Norwich-based trio Young States don’t shy away from grappling with the darker edges of our minds that can sometimes leave us paralysed, and transform these feelings into their visceral latest release Save

AKA George 2020

AKA GEORGE Shares Video for ‘Bad For You’

In these strange times of self-isolation and quarantine, AKA George provides some light relief through his humorous new video Bad For You – it’s exactly what one would expect from a coronavirus-inspired video and more. If you are struggling to find yourself maintaining a semblance

Purity Ring Womb 2020

Album Review // PURITY RING ‘WOMB’

Purity Ring return from a dark hiatus to share a collection of familiar, retro-futuristic sounds and bring forth the seeking of comfort in a world that is already out of our control through their evocative and provocative metaphors. The eerie duo Purity Ring, made up