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JOESEF Charms With New Single ‘The Sun Is Up Forever’

Providing a heartfelt exploration of the way that relationships can penetrate your life, and how to begin letting go of the negative aspects, Joesef offers a personal part of himself in The Sun Is Up Forever.

Joesef 2020

Love and relationships certainly aren’t a novel theme in Joesef’s music, as evidenced by his narration of first love and what he describes as the breakdown of his first relationship in his debut EP Play Me Something Nice. His newest single The Sun Is Up Forever continues building upon his expertise on the topic, as he delves into his personal experiences to provide an insightful reflection on the freedom that comes with letting go of negative experiences. Set against an alluring soundscape of jangling guitars and softly-spoken vocals, the track blooms with warmth, lighting a primal passion deep in the pits of your stomach.

Explaining more about the realities that shaped this track, Joesef shares:

I wrote this song about a month ago after talking to my mum about how relationships affect you in every corner of your life, right down to the way you carry yourself. My dad was a bit of a bastard to her and us, and she said it’s something that never really leaves her, but after 20 years she’s learned to let go of the grief a little. It’s from her perspective, and mine. It’s about leaving a dark part of your life behind you. This tune is for her.

Joesef has some upcoming tour dates in the diary, and you can catch him later this year.


20 – Edinburgh, La Belle Angele

21 – Belfast, Voodoo

22 – Dublin, The Workmans Club

24 – Leeds, Headrow House

26 – Liverpool, Arts Club – Loft

27 – Bristol, Thekla

30 – Birmingham, O2 Insitute 3


02 – London, Hoxton Hall

04 – Manchester, YES – Pink Room