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DECAY Announce Debut Album ‘Staring At The Sun’

A first taste is given to us in the form of new video and single Comfortable.

Decay 2020Liverpool post-hardcore outfit Decay have announced that they will be releasing their debut album Staring At The Sun on July 10th via Fox Records. Intending to explore human nature in all of its forms, acknowledging both the good and the bad, the band recorded the album over three weeks in February, and vocalist Danny Reposar explains:

At the time of writing the track we were all going through a lot of troubles and setbacks within our personal lives; death, grievance and heartbreak to name a few. We wanted to write a record that ebbed and flowed in a way that our emotions were at the time of writing. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. From being uninspired, to a major musical breakthrough, to grieving the loss of a loved one. The record is a reflection of our everyday lives in and out of the band and is something I hope a lot of people resonate with.

The band has teased a first hint of what to expect with their emotive new single Comfortable, and it conveys all of the emotional burden that Danny describes despite being less than four minutes long. From the raw vocals, to the impassioned guitars and slamming percussion, it’s a musical catharsis that releases all of your pent up discomfort and dissatisfaction as you try to navigate through your identity. Yet there’s little doubt that you’ll feel better at the end of it, as the band provides an outlet for this turbulent torrent of feelings.

Danny shares:

‘Comfortable’ is a song about coming to terms with all of the things you hate about yourself and your current life situations. To portray this we wanted to remain hidden for the majority of the video as a way to express how we often hide away all of our worst problems and worries.

Decay Staring At The Sun 2020


1. Staring At The Sun
2. September 27th
3. Empty Feeling
4. Ache
5. Feel Better
6. Hold On
7. Misery
8. Endless Silence
9. Comfortable
10. 23