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JOAN Charm With New Song ‘Magnetic’

On magnetic, indie duo joan buck the current eighties influence in pop music to create a deliciously nineties R&B-meets-boyband sound that will have you immediately reaching for the repeat button.

Joan Magnetic 2020

One thing about joan is certain: the Arkansas twosome never fails to deliver sunshine in the form of music. They prove this with their newest single, magnetic, which does not disappoint on the sunshine spectrum. This feel-good love song sparkles with a simple beat, soft synth, and a focus on the charismatically bright vocals. The chorus brings big energy to the track. The way joan sing “yeah you’re magnetic” creates a masterful hook that stays burrowed in your brain and the passion behind the lyrics is beautifully romantic. In every moment of magnetic joan radiate affection, sweet love, and happy vibes.

Accompanying the track, joan released an easy-going music video that stars the duo grooving along to magnetic in front of meadows, on truck beds, and other peaceful backdrops. The signature bright blue that is a defining force of this era for the band also features strongly, tying everything together nicely.

About the making of magnetic, Steven from the band says:

This song is sentimental. We started writing together while we were still in two separate projects. When I heard Alan working on ‘magnetic’ for his band in the studio, I fell in love with it. We joked back and forth for several years about making it a joan song. When we were in Asia last fall working on lyrics for a few songs, this song just fell into our laps again and made sense to release under our name.

 I’ve been around the world, but all I think about is you.