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GHOST LOVE Will ‘Change Your Mind’ With New Single

Fully embracing the sounds and uplifting spirit of 1980s pop music, Ghost Love’s Change Your Mind is a bouncy, synth-fuelled ode to love and romance.

Ghost Love 2020

During these weird COVID-19 times, Ghost Love’s newest release, Change Your Mind, manages to capture the optimism of the eighties and transplant it directly into 2020. In a song about long-term relationships and the accompanying sense of nostalgia those couples live with, it seems appropriate that the overall tone and vibe are also nostalgic. Soaring synths, which in the second half of the song resemble daring laser beams, confident basslines, and thumping drums combine to create an infectiously upbeat love song. If you remember nothing else about Change Your Mind, which is unlikely, the resounding “oh whoa oh” ditty in the chorus will never leave your mind. It radiates pure joy and sounds like a smile looks. Change Your Mind is the kind of bright, bouncy tune needed to re-energize you during this extended hibernation.

Speaking on Change Your Mind, the band described:

It is a song about how all long term relationships need to build their own mythologies and embellishments in order to stand the test of time and grow. It’s also about how they live in a partial state of nostalgia, but this nostalgia is also part of the foundation.