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KOWLOON Debuts Magical New Single ‘Paradise’

From bright piano chords to disco-infused synths, Kowloon has created something special with his latest track, Paradise.

Kowloon 2020

The best way to describe Kowloon’s new single is it feels like you’re driving down a deserted highway at two in the morning with the “we could be forever” person in your life in the passenger seat gazing out at the dazzling streetlights. You feel at ease. It is a scene cut straight from a Cannes romcom and Paradise is the soundtrack. Beyond the dreamy air to the song and “Father of Disco” – Giorgio Moroder – pulsating electro beats, if you listen closely, you can hear the inclusion of striking string synths. Layered with Kowloon’s rich vocals, Paradise is 4:44 of serenity and fresh-from-the-oven joy.

Speaking of the track, Kowloon shares:

‘Paradise’ is a song of longing for all that could be.