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BABYJAKE Debuts New Single ‘MadHappySad’

Genre-bending BabyJake blends catchy radio pop with sassy hip hop on his newest single MadHappySad, off his hotly anticipated EP.

BabyJake MadHappySad 2020

What opens as a vibrant pop song with a frustrating storyline about a seemingly one-sided relationship, MadHappySad pivots into a spirited rap of self-discovery. BabyJake moves from “I fell in love, but she wouldn’t” to “Gotta take care of myself / Gotta get rich, win a Grammy”, which is a difficult realization to come to making this release inspiring and motivational for anyone in those kinds of situations. The bold bassline and boisterous brass help to make MadHappySad more dynamic than your average pop song. If you listen closely you’ll also hear some tones that are reminiscent of old video games. This intentionality ties into an artfully animated 8-bit music video that goes with it. Anyone who grew up with an NES console, the side scroller visuals used in the MadHappySad video will trigger memories of playing games like Mario Bros., Final Fight, and Castlevania.

BabyJake described his inspiration for MadHappySad:

It’s about the feelings that come up when you’re with someone who’s probably not the right person for you, and they just make you feel all these emotions at the same time. MadHappySad.