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THE HARA Release New Single ‘Circus’

Dramatically and elegantly, THE HARA condense the story of the currently upside down world in their newest enchanting tune Circus.

The Hara 2020

With a movie-worthy, glamorous guitar solo intro, THE HARA kick off their latest tune and throw us in a whirlwind of poetically worded revelations on the plethora of ways in which the world is… messed up. The unbelievable succession of disastrous events, the absurdity of the the ignorance demonstrated by the ‘leaders’, together with the hypocrisy and self-serving attitude of the ‘common’ people have turned nowadays in what can only be compared with a circus. This song is not only a cry for awakening, but also an anthem aiming to inspire towards the resurrection of our society from the mirky and nightmarish state it fell into. Circus is not only lyrically captivating as the ingeniously revealed succession of events manages to condense a lot of the message into only a few lines, but from a musical point of view it is also highly compelling through the alternating grandiose and gunning vocals, classic and timeless guitar riffs topped by an inciting pre-chorus setting the mood for an epic and energetic chorus.

Lead singer Josh says of the track:

We were inspired to write this song whilst comparing the state of the world right now, including the devastating Australian bush fires, and how everything seems to be a circus. I think this song has everything you would ever want and I’m so proud of how powerful it’s come out, including the crazy operatic ending!