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Monthly Archives: May 2020

HighSchool Jacob 2020

HIGHSCHOOL JACOB Unveils Funky New Single ‘Stacey’

Alternative pop artist HighSchool Jacob shares his first new material of 2020 in the form of an 80s-inspired, funky tune, Stacey. Delivering feel-good danceable vibes, Stacey is the first single from HighSchool Jacob‘s forthcoming new project, HSJ 2020, a collection of music and corresponding video

Troi Irons 2020

TROI IRONS Unveils New Single ‘Flowers’

Flowers is the journey of reflecting on a former partner through a sharp, pop-like style. LA-based Troi Irons attracts listeners through her husky, raw vocals and looping guitars in her new single, Flowers. Making genre-bending music of indie rock meets bedroom pop, Troi was encouraged

MEIA Antisocial 2020

Artist Of The Week // MEIA

The catchy new single from Meia is sure to be an anthem for introverts everywhere. You know that feeling when you’re at a social event, and you would rather be anywhere else than there? Well, know that you are not alone in having those thoughts

JONES 2020

JONES Shares Video for ‘Giving It Up’

East London’s sweetheart JONES dazzles with graceful visuals for her euphoric new single Giving It Up. It’s been almost two years since we last heard from the R&B/soul singer Cherie Jones-Mattism aka JONES and almost four years since she opened new doors in her career with

COPE - the shock doctrine 2020

Album Review // COPE ‘The Shock Doctrine’

Cope’s new album The Shock Doctrine is undeniable proof that strong essences come in small packages. Banger after banger, Cope put together an intoxicating debut album, guaranteed to blow up your speakers and fill you with restlessness. With a combination of metal and hardcore, sprinkled

Ghost Love 2020

GHOST LOVE Will ‘Change Your Mind’ With New Single

Fully embracing the sounds and uplifting spirit of 1980s pop music, Ghost Love’s Change Your Mind is a bouncy, synth-fuelled ode to love and romance. During these weird COVID-19 times, Ghost Love’s newest release, Change Your Mind, manages to capture the optimism of the eighties and transplant