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JOSH FUDGE Flirts With Familiarity in New Single ‘7 In The Morning’

Sparkly synths and charming vocals that are border on sweet and savoury make for a dazzling pair on the latest single from Josh Fudge, 7 In The Morning.

Josh Fudge 2020

Written, composed, and performed (minus the drums) by himself, Oklahoma City’s Josh Fudge is proving to be a musical force not to be ignored. 7 In The Morning opens with a smooth, jazzy guitar riff that remains the constant thread woven throughout the length of the song, providing a course for the rest of the instrumentals and vocals to follow. With a voice ranging from deep and warm to dulcet and airy, Josh Fudge’s strong range dazzles on 7 In The Morning. The drop from his head voice to his bass tones during the lilting, dreamlike refrain is delightful, further showcasing the bright musicianship of this rising star.

Speaking on the inspiration for 7 In The Morning, Fudge explained:

7 in the morning was written about a girl I had fallen in love with. It was always hard for us to separate after we broke up, and we spent a lot of time slowly trying to distance ourselves from one another. She got a boyfriend, and we eventually stopped talking. A while after that though, she started to hit me up again. She would always text me at the most obscure times, whether it was in the middle of the night or way too early. One morning, I woke up to a text from her at 7 AM telling me that she still loved me. It was pouring rain outside, and that inspired this song. 7 in the morning is about flirting with the idea of falling back into familiarity, but knowing that it won’t be good for you.