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FRIDA SUNDEMO Shares New Single ‘Backbone’

Frida Sundemo reflects on ‘guilt, regret and endless love’ in her latest shimmering single, Backbone, off her new EP Sounds In My Head.


Following her 2017 debut album Flashbacks & Futures, the Swedish multi-talented pop artist and actress Frida Sundemo has released her latest cohesive collection of five synth-pop anthemic tracks in the form of the Sounds In My Head EP. Pondering on themes of longing, fear, guilt, love and sadness, the EP acts as Frida’s meditative approach to translating her inner thoughts and emotions into what could be characterised as her distinctive intimate atmospheric music.

Those emotions of guilt and sadness are reflected heavily in the latest and fourth single, Backbone. The track that follows previous releases Gazelles, Nothing Can Hurt Me and Anything, is a light ethereal sonic carrying heavenly vocals and a heavy melancholic note that explores “that feeling when it suddenly hits you that you hurt someone you love. That mixed feeling of guilt, regret and endless love”, as Frida explains.