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KID DAD Announce Debut Album ‘In A Box’

Accompanying the announcement with the release of their newest single A Prison Unseen, KID DAD hint at exciting times ahead.

Kid Dad 2020

Album announcements are always thrill-inducing, but when it’s accompanied by the release of a track as dynamic as A Prison Unseen then you know that you are guaranteed for some good times ahead. That seems to be the direction that KID DAD are headed in, as they unveil the news that they will be releasing their debut album In A Box on August 21st via Long Branch Records. Inspired by their globetrotting experiences and their external environments, In A Box encapsulates KID DAD’s songwriting experiences in England, China, Switzerland and Germany. Vocalist and guitarist Marius Vieth comments on the impact of this by sharing:

I really enjoyed working with so many different setups. You absorb everything when you’re young – I want to take advantage of that.

He continues onto the album title:

‘In A Box’ is ambiguous. Is the box your prison or your hiding place? Do you get claustrophobic when you think about sitting in a noiseless, random, dark box or do you even wish to be in such a place? People cannot be divided or sorted by this question. It is the moments, the feelings, the actions that make everyone react and feel differently. Torn between fear and longing, we tell each of you what we feel and how far-reaching those feelings are within this album.

They’ve certainly whet the appetite with their explosive single A Prison Unseen, which bursts with an unrelenting energy and a hooking chorus that will sweep you with grand guitars and searing vocals. Marius comments:

‘A Prison Unseen’ is about loss of control and a lack of self-restraint that can be invisible to the world around you. The protagonist puts his threatened mental well-being over his physical body and embraces the possibility of an utter loss of his senses.