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ROBERT GRACE Unveils Honest New Single ‘Fake Fine’

Somehow, Robert Grace manages to make a chaotic state of mind seem a little less manic with his laid-back newest single, Fake Fine.

Robert Grace 2020

Irish musician Robert Grace charms with his own brand of laid-back pop, a combination of fluttering beats, irresistible vocals and radio-friendly melodies, and his newest single Fake Fine is no exception. Lilting acoustic guitars introduce the track, before being joined by a teasing bass line to serenade you with its quirks and playful mannerisms. The cut-throat reality of the lyrics isn’t immediately evident on a surface-level listening, but in deftly capturing the majority’s chaotic mindset amidst the manic current climate, Fake Fine has never felt as relevant as it does now. Somehow, Robert manages not to cause widespread panic and superficially maintains an airy optimism even as he sings lyrics such as “I’ve got clinical depression ‘cause my mind’s an imperfectionist”, and there’s a refreshing breath of air to be sought within his honesty.

Robert explains of the track:

The song is about pretending to be ok when you’re really not. When everything is all an act. You might not even be in a bad situation but still, for some reason somethings not right and you’re trying to figure out what that something is.