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GNASH Stuns on Two-Part Release ‘outside/inside’

No matter if you consume the singles together or separately, gnash’s candour, soft and minimalistic soundscapes, and handsome vocals will lure you in and leave you wanting more.

gnash 2020

Brazen, unabashed honesty is one of the things gnash does best. Getting lost in the lyrics of both outside and inside is easy to do when you sit there and think “hey, me too.” His down-to-earth, quirky vocals span both tracks, capturing the hopeful and optimistic undertones. This alongside the soothing acoustics on outside, provides a stark contrast to the fear and worry written in lyrics like “It’s scary because I don’t know what’s scaring me the most.” A brief a cappella moment towards the end of outside shines a spotlight once more on gnash’s unique sound.

The second side of this duel release, inside, is stream of consciousness perfection in one minute, thirty-six seconds. The strong piano chords and subtle beat signal a shift from the gentle acoustics in part one, outsidebut still manage to seamlessly link the two tracks together. We also see gnash return to his alluring blend of dream pop and hip-hop on inside. Amid a pandemic, where anxiety is at an all-time high thanks to unceasing uncertainty, gnash unites our collective fears with his frank sincerity and delightful optimism.

On the songs gnash shares:

Fear and Hope. Those are the two emotions I’ve been feeling most recently. Like all of you, I’ve had some time to think for some months now. In the form of a mediation, outside/inside is a journey through my daily thought process. “outside” is a deep dive down into my mind without my usual sugarcoating on. “inside” allows me to honestly confess some realizations & resolutions I’ve made from the self-reflection time we’ve all accidentally found ourselves with.

What holds them together and what’s keeping us all together right now, is that we’re all asking the same questions & facing the same moral dilemmas. Obviously, I’m not a scientist or a fortune teller. I don’t have the answer to these questions. But I can let you know that I’m asking the same things. I believe that if we feel together, then we’ll feel better.