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OSCAR WELSH Shares Dreamy New Single ‘Sixteen’

Reminisce on the nostalgia of youth with Oscar Welsh in his sweet new single Sixteen.

Oscar Welsh 2020

Suffolk-based Oscar Welsh ushers in a dreamy summer of bedroom summer-pop with his newest single Sixteen. Complete with a creative and immersive video where Oscar delivers a captivating performance amidst London scenes, there’s a youthful creativity that shines through and captures your heart. Blending woozy guitar lines with his smooth vocals, a charming sound is created that you would be foolish to resist. Mellifluous swathes of electronics envelop you in a shimmering glow and Sixteen proves itself to be the perfect track for kicking your feet back and relaxing in.

Explaining more of the track, Oscar shares:

‘Sixteen’ is a song about a tense relationship which lasted from early teens to adulthood. I guess it just illustrates the frustration an individual has when an admirer doesn’t know when to stop chasing.

The variety of influences that bubble up in Sixteen does not go unnoticed either, whether that manifests itself in the form of RnB-infused beats or melodies tinged with an indie edge. Oscar attributes this to his own wide-ranging music taste, and expands:

Wen people ask what kind of music I listen to, I realise that I don’t know loads of artists in a specific genre but I listen to a lot of artists from a lot of different genres. I want to make something that’s totally new. I wanna make stuff that people listen to and go, ‘What the fuck is that?!’.

His own sonic hot-pot of sounds is sure to pave the way for an exciting, boundary-defying future for the young artist, and he’ll be one to keep your eye on.