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ANNA BEA Commands Attention With Debut Single ‘Bleeding Heart’

Providing her own instantly ear-catching spin on “a girl and her guitar” soft folk-rock, newcomer Anna Bea stuns on her debut single, Bleeding Heart.

Anna Bea 2020

For a song that dabbles in themes of toxic relationships, Anna Bea manages to spin impactful emotion into something sprightly and sweet. The haunting lyrics of Bleeding Heart are tucked away under a layer of poignant and youthful vocals. The minimalism of the tracking – oft times just her acoustic and a soft amount of percussion – allows her voice to stand out with every held note, every manicured run, and every bold burst of energy. Mimicking the cycle that is damning to every toxic relationship, Bea sings “Your words are fire, but your kisses are angels”, completing Bleeding Heart the way it began. If this is just the start for the young singer-songwriter, she has a bright future ahead of her.

Describing Bleeding Heart, Bea said:

This song is about a toxic relationship – that moment when you want to leave but your innate fear of being alone draws you back into a destructive love. I wrote this song a year and a half ago, inspired after watching ‘Big Little Lies’ and a portion of the proceeds are going to WomensAid charity helping women and children vulnerable to domestic abuse.