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THE HABITS Throw It Back With New Single ‘After Party’

Time to make a trip down memory lane to the ‘90s with the newest single and video from The Habits.

The Habits 2020

Los Angeles duo The Habits take listeners on a nostalgia-fuelled journey as they travel back in time through a few decades to the ‘90s in After Party. The duo, consisting of singer and guitarist Wolf Bradley and drummer Andrew Macatrao, met and grew up together in Southern California, leading to a bond between them that closer resembles family than band members. Their tight-knit friendship has lent itself to a dynamic pairing which makes for an entertaining video for After Party, as they show off their goofy sides and rock out to a boom box.

Synthesising funky bass lines with off-beat rhythms, the track effortlessly effuses a catchiness and vibrancy that will make you groove along without a care. The looping bass melody will stick inside your head but its stay will not be unwelcome, and instead will make you want to dance along and enjoy the feel-good vibes. Sparks of synths and electronics add a dazzle of excitement, and with its fun-loving charm, there won’t be a single moment of the track where you feel disengaged.