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Monthly Archives: June 2020

smokehouse 2020

SMOKEHOUSE Charm With Debut Single ‘Slowly’

Smokehouse introduce themselves with their sultry debut single Slowly. Canadian duo Smokehouse set the standard high with their debut single Slowly, a hazy cut that extends a warm invitation for you to join the duo in their hazy yet wildly vibrant world. Formed of Daniel

Vandalye 2020

VANDALYE Share Evocative New Track ‘Blame The Record’

Bringing their anxious feelings to the forefront, the newest single from Vandalye offers an honest glimpse into the inner workings of the band. Dubai-formed trio Vandalye return triumphantly with another heart-rending cut with Blame The Record, which sees them tackling feelings of anxiety and racing thoughts

Robert Grace 2020

ROBERT GRACE Unveils Honest New Single ‘Fake Fine’

Somehow, Robert Grace manages to make a chaotic state of mind seem a little less manic with his laid-back newest single, Fake Fine. Irish musician Robert Grace charms with his own brand of laid-back pop, a combination of fluttering beats, irresistible vocals and radio-friendly melodies,

Glass Ocean 2020

GLASS OCEAN Unveil Video for New Single ‘Voyage’

Glass Ocean return with a haunting taster of what their new album is all about.  Glass Ocean‘s latest progressive showpiece, Voyage, debuts a haunting CGI music video for an equally poignant song. Duelling on the individual’s neverending and restless search for the proverbial treasure, the

Borg 2020

BORG Debuts New Single ‘Mission Impossible’

In a song that tactfully spans generations from retro jazz inflections to futuristic synths, Borg channels all of her energy into her latest single, Mission Impossible. With Borg’s newest release, Mission Impossible, she sets herself apart from the standard synth-pop fare. A thumping percussion line boldly