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CARTER JAMES Shares Touching New Single ‘Throw Me In The Sea’

A heartfelt, touching ballad that draws upon poignant lyricism and moving vocals to create an impact, Carter James’ newest single Throw Me In The Sea will leave you stunned.

Carter James 2020

Boston-based musician Carter James will stir you and leave a lasting impression with his beautiful new single Throw Me In The Sea. Hanging with forlorn melancholy, Carter beautifully delivers a haunting melody that will pierce your core with its unfiltered honesty and intense poignancy. Sentimental electronics set a brooding tone, and the slow pace transforms the track into an anguishing ballad as Carter channels his passion and feelings into a stirring performance.

Further speaking about the track, Carter explains:

‘Throw Me In The Sea’ is a ballad about not feeling good enough. A lot of the song is me talking to myself, having a conversation about self-worth and mental health. I used recordings of the ocean as well as dialogue to create a background atmosphere in the track. This would be perfect for a late night drive or somber night of brooding. My goal is to openly express myself in the hope it makes people feel a little less alone.