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GRANDSON Continues Search for His ‘Identity’

Taking a turn back to a more aggressive, darker sound, grandson returns with sharp honesty on Identity.  

grandson 2020

Identity is a callback to grandson’s roots as much as it is a deep dive into his mind. The darker themes of confrontation with his inner demons to destroy the system of conformity and obedience in which he was raised support the grittier, unrefined beats and harsh, but handsome, vocals. Channelling his hip-hop influences, grandson flawlessly spits lines like “When the trees won’t grow, when the bars keep droppin’ / The fake tan on the TV keep talkin’” before sending it back to the hard-hitting chorus that references the Kennedy assassination. With his dazzling combination of alt-rock, pop, and hip-hop, Identity once again marks grandson as a force to be reckoned with.

On Identitygrandson explains:

This is the first chapter in the story of how I became grandson – the personification of the demons I’ve struggled with in my own head as I found my voice, and the very real fear every idealist has that all their effort will be for nothing.

The video sees grandson facing off against the voices in his head and society as he struggles against them. It also touches on the bloodshed that commonly occurs on the path to progress and change – a topic in tune with current movements like Black Lives Matter and the Hong Kong protests. grandson has never been one to hold back from raw lyricism and Identity does not stray from the openness we’ve all come to expect from him.