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MARSHMELLO and HALSEY Drop Video for ‘Be Kind’

Since the charismatic and empowering collaboration between the two global superstars was released in early May, Marshmello and Halsey have garnered more than 175 million streams globally on their song, Be Kind.

Halsey Marshmello 2020

Combining Halsey’s unmistakable husky, bold tones with Marshmello’s soothing, hypnotic beats, the duo’s message on Be Kind could not have come at a better time. The uplifting track, decked out in heartfelt positivity and tied up with a catchy refrain, finally has a music video to go along with it. Working with two-time Halsey collaborator, Hannah Lux Davis, viewers are taken on a journey through three distinct worlds, knit together by a beautiful display of contemporary dance and yellow daisies. Donning a vibrant pink wig throughout, Halsey transforms from her lockdown look – oversized t-shirt and socks – into the anime character of her – and everyone else’s – dreams. Moving from deserted warehouse to cherry blossomed streets to flowery meadow, the CGI brings further brightness and dimension to Be Kind.