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MCRAE Share Searing New Single ‘Show Me’

Between attention-grabbing melodies and thought-provoking lyricism, MCRAE pack a punch in their newest single Show Me.

MCRAE 2020

Manchester-based MCRAE have unveiled their utterly irresistible newest single Show Me. Burning with unspoken anger and brimming with barely constrained energy, the band commands your full attention with demanding lyrics and urgent instrumentals that maintain a high level of intensity throughout the whole track. Drawing upon their personal experiences, and the lived realities of those around them, Show Me explores themes of social inequality and some of the issues pertaining to today’s youth, particularly those from a blue-collar background. Unafraid of channelling criticism and being honest with their thoughts, there’s a grittiness in the punk-inspired delivery that carries across the band’s message loud and clear.

Explaining more of the track, the band elaborates:

‘Show Me’ touches on the paths someone may choose when coming of age in a northern English town and the frustrations that can arise from that. Lots of people move in search of somewhere ‘better’ or at least busier, but often end up returning because it’s not quite as expected. Most don’t even know what they’re looking for. ‘Show Me’ addresses the disparity between what we need and what we think we need.