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HAIM Drop Video for Newest Single ‘Don’t Wanna’

With the release of their third album, Women In Music Pt. III, HAIM have also released their next single, Don’t Wanna, bursting with electricity and the sisters’ unmistakable voices.  

HAIM Women In Music Pt. III 2020

HAIM have never been one to disappoint and their latest stunner, Don’t Wanna, continues the trend. Featuring a funky bassline that wouldn’t be out of place in a studio decked out in shag carpet and mustard-yellow wallpaper, Don’t Wanna is moulded in the classic-meets-modern indie guitar-pop sound that has become the backbone of their music. The electric guitars kick in with slick riffs and boundless energy as the refrain begins. A softer bridge that shines a spotlight on the sisters’ vocals invites over-the-head hand-clapping and warm smiles from an imaginary audience.

What started as an inside joke among fans, walking has been made to be part of the HAIM brand, featuring strongly in many of their visuals. Don’t Wanna proves this as we witness the sisters strutting their stuff around the empty lot of iconic LA venue, The Forum. Starting innocently enough, they pick up the pace with the music, turning a leisurely stroll into a friendly competition around The Forum in a way that will resonate with anyone who has siblings of their own.

Don’t Wanna is the latest single off their newest album, Women In Music Pt. III, available now via Polydor Records.