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ORLANDO HOTOPF Shares Anthemic Debut Single ‘Confessions’

Newcomer Orlando Hotopf has very quickly found a place within our hearts as he makes his debut with infectious single Confessions.

Orlando Hotopf 2020

With his irresistible indie sound, Orlando Hotopf makes a statement debut with Confessions. The native Englishman brings a charming blend of British indie, a sound that has seen success with the likes of bands such as The Kooks and Sea Girls. Except Orlando is a one-man show, making his arena-filling, captivating sound all the more impressive. Produced and mixed in Sweden before getting mastered in the US, Confessions is as well-polished as you would expect it to be. This attention to fine detail certainly pays dividends as the overall result is a cohesive track that features radio-friendly melodies and an infectiously catchy chorus. Dextrous guitar work brings a lightness to the track, juxtaposed by Orlando’s deeply rich and velvety vocals, and heart-rending lyricism serve as the cherry on top.

Speaking more on the meaning of the track, Orlando explains:

The song is based on the feeling of being in a conflicted relationship and not knowing if you should fight for it or let it go, a classic head versus heart moment.