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STRAY FOSSA Release Airy New Tune ‘For What Was’

A gorgeous slice of shimmering pop plucked straight from the warmth of the sun, Stray Fossa pioneer themselves as the sounds of this summer.

Stray Fossa 2020

With shades on and lemonade in hand, the only thing left for you to have the perfect summer is a soundtrack to relax to. Thankfully, Stray Fossa have delivered on this and return with their joyous new single For What Was, a vibrant cut of dream pop that will send you straight into the realm of fantasies with its dulcet melodies and gently-caressing vocals. Woozy electronics float atop rhythmic basses and hypnotic electric drum beats, creating a kaleidoscopic soundscape that sets the right tone for relaxing under the sun. As the multi-layered textures wash over you, you’ll find yourself lulled into a world of positive energy, carefreeness, and utter bliss.

The band described the making of the track as a burst of creative energy that came all at once, sparked when they came up with the melody and lyrics for the chorus. They elaborate:

Normally, we wouldn’t hold onto scratch lyrics, but it’s hard to shy away from rare moments like that when it all kind of comes together at once.