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JW FRANCIS Releases New Single ‘New York’

JW Francis takes us on a tour that will leave you speechless and longing for the American Dream with new single New York.

JW Francis 2020

Born in Oklahoma and living in New York City, JW Francis is the newest signing to Sunday Best Recordings. The first single released, New York is sure to spark your imagination with road trips and American diners.

The soft and raw vocals perfectly compliment the mellow tune that accompanies the song and adds a sense of comfort and sensuality which instantly creates a calming atmosphere. The whimsical ballad will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside whilst you dream of warm summer nights and city life.

Speaking of the new track, JW Francis explains:

I’m a licensed tour guide of NYC. This place has taught me so much. I wanted to write an homage, but also express how I feel, which is mostly contained in the first line of the song ‘I’ll sleep when dead’.