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KiD RAiN Confidently Debuts Candid Single ‘Bored Of Love’

If you haven’t heard of KiD RAiN yet, it’s time to get on the hype train with Bored Of Love because this young Brit is about to take off.

KiD RAiN 2020

With his infectious, sweet-but-not-too-sweet, dance-worthy pop Dan Reynard, known professionally as KiD RAiN, is rocket-launching himself into the pop stratosphere with his second single, Bored Of Love. Reynard’s youthful and spirited vocals are accompanied by plucky guitar riffs and snappy percussion. The chorus, though minimal, accentuates the direct and unmasked lyrics: “It’s like I don’t mind it if you kiss somebody else / I don’t mind it if you’re keeping to yourself / I know you’re trying but you should try on someone else / I won’t mind it ‘cos he might love you as well.” Where others are boasting that every person they date is “the one”, Bored Of Love normalizes moving on from a relationship in a healthy way. This honest take from KiD RAiN is truly a breath of fresh air worth noticing.

The video sees Reynard perched atop a vintage Audi, driving around the Yorkshire Dales during a dreamy, millennial pink sunset. The energy in the track translates to the animated dance break in the middle of the road as Bored Of Love nears the end. It allows the song to speak for itself while putting the rising popstar on full display.

Reynard explained:

Do you ever feel like you just need a break? Not just from work… a break from everything, a break from life, time to focus on yourself, give yourself the time instead of giving it to someone else. No hard feelings, but I want to binge this Netflix show by myself this time.