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Daily Archives: July 15, 2020

Jole 2020

JOLÉ Showcases Softness on New Single ‘Alpine Green’

Pensive and pretty with wispy acoustics and handsome vocals, Alpine Green marks a new era for London-based artist, Jolé. In his first single from his forthcoming EP, Silver Lake, Jolé welcomes the new era sweetly. Although relatively even-toned throughout, the minimal, delicate fingerpicking and gentle ambiance

Lxandra 2020

LXANDRA Shares New Single ‘Who’

Grab yourselves some tissues and get ready to be moved by the slow, stunning Lxandra track, Who. Vulnerability, exposure to reality, self confidence (and the lack of). Each of these themes are apparent in Berlin-based Lxandra’s most recent self-love ballad, Who, which breaks down perceptions of