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Sharing a piece of her heart with us in her tenderising new single california, somegirlnamedanna continues to charm with her brand of diaristic songwriting.

somegirlnamedanna-california 2020

Many of us turn to music to search for an escape or for an emotional relief as musicians capture our thoughts and emotions more acutely than we could put into words ourselves. Perhaps that’s why it’s so easy to be drawn to Minnesotan newcomer somegirlnamedanna; with a moniker that gives indication of how easily she could fit the mould of an acquaintance that we know, her intimate style of songwriting connects listeners with their innermost feelings in an almost universal way.

Her poignant new single california further hones her diaristic brand of music, and as heartrending piano trickle through your ears, her honeyed vocals will break down any and every barrier you have built up to your most personal ruminations. The single comes ahead of her highly-anticipated debut EP, twenty one, twenty two, which is set for release on July 31st.

Speaking more on the track, somegirlnamedanna shares:

Distance and love combined is such a difficult thing. ‘california’ is about being separated by thousands of miles, and wanting to be with someone, but it just isn’t even close to reality. I wrote this from a place of hope, almost a dream state wanting something that doesn’t feel realistic.

In addition to the single release, a music video has been shared simultaneously to accompany. somegirlnamedanna elaborates of this:

I wanted the video to really feel like a dream, you get these flashes of someone you want and you have no idea where they are or what they are doing. Are they thinking of you at the same time you are thinking of them? There is a little mystery to all of it.

Feeling captivated by the honesty displayed in her music, we got in touch with somegirlnamedanna to learn more about the artist that has managed to work herself into our closest circle of friends with her music.

What’s a motto you live by?

I have a lot of different mottos I try to live by, but I think the biggest thing I remind myself to do is to always be kind to others because you never know what’s going on in their life. Everyone is going through some kind of pain or anguish and we will never know their story like they do, so it’s important to always be kind and understanding of others.

If you could set california to a film or TV show, what would it be the soundtrack for?

I could see it in a tragic and sappy love story of two lovers who can’t be with each other… Some real modern Romeo and Juliet kind of stuff.

Do you have a favourite memory associated with California?

I remember driving down the 1 for an entire day, blasting Queen in my car, and stopping along the way to sit and look over the ocean and breathe in the salty air. There are moments in your life when you just breathe in and feel grateful, and that was one of those moments.

What inspired you to write california?

A long distance lover inspired this song. Neither one of us could afford to visit each other, but I had this hope in my heart that maybe one day it could work out. 5,098 miles is a long distance between two people, but when you’re stupidly in love you don’t even care that they’re on the opposite side of the world – you just want to wait for them, even though there’s a part of you that keeps telling you it’s not realistic.

Can you tell us more about the meaning of california

This song is an escape from the hard truth about love: it doesn’t always work out. Love isn’t easy… it’s messy and confusing and you get distance involved and it gets even messier. This song came from a place of hope, but also at the same time despair. Sometimes you will meet someone that you have a wild and passionate connection with but something out of your control could mean you may never see them again – and it’s a beautiful and heartbreaking thing at the same time.

What’s your favourite line from california?

Probably “I’ve got a lot of shit to tell ya, it’s been a few years and things have changed.” It had been several years since I saw this guy, and I had started this journey of finding who I was and learning about my own life. Single life was the best thing for me and gave me a chance to really discover who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. It allowed me to grow on my own and spend time loving myself and my own independence. The more we can remember that relationships don’t make us whole, only we can do that ourselves, the healthier our relationships will be once they happen.

Have there been moments where you have found it difficult to be so personal in your music? How have you overcome these moments of vulnerability?

Definitely. It took me 6 years to write a certain song on this first EP, even though I always had the title in my head. I kept this song locked away until I felt like I was ready to write it, and it actually took 6 full years to finally do it. It’s easier to overcome these moments of vulnerability when you remind yourself that healing takes time and it should always be on your terms. It also helps you knowing that someone else in this world is going through something similar to you, and you are never alone in anything.