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MAKEOUT Share Infectious New Single ‘Home’

Makeout release an anthem for the heartbroken with Home ahead of their upcoming EP by the same name.

Makeout 2020

Pop-punk quartet, Makeout, may have just unleashed the anthem of the summer for those fed up with one-way relationships. Produced and co-written by the legendary Travis Barker (blink-182), Home is infectiously catchy from start to finish.

This comeback track is an ideal introduction to Kyle Dee (American Idol Season 11) and AJ Khah (Sleep On It), the group’s newest members, and hints at what we can expect from their forthcoming EP.

Ready to earn its place on any music lovers break-up playlist, Home features everything from soaring vocals and an easy to learn bridge, to anthemic builds listeners can get lost in. All of which are the poppier elements that the band claims came naturally during the writing process. Khah shares:

It felt super organic. We didn’t have to sit down and be like, ‘okay, what are we going to sound like?’ – we just started writing, and it started to flow.

Starting things off with a soft and static-tinted chorus backed by familiar guitar chugs, Home quickly dives into the palpable telling of a love story gone awry – tugging on listeners heartstrings with its all-too-relatable content and frustration-stricken lyrics. Without a doubt, this bandage-like track will find itself blaring through car speakers on many summer nights, offering comfort in unity to the fragile hearts while we await Makeout’s five-song EP.

Frontman Kyle Dee offers more on the motivation behind this heartache anthem:

‘Home’ is about being completely drained from giving your all to a dead end relationship. It’s about wanting to build a life with somebody and being fed false promises of a picture-perfect future.