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NEPTUNE RAIN Release Thundering New Single ‘If That Was Love’

Neptune Rain leave a blazing trail in their wake with their searing new track If That Was Love.

Naptune Rain 2020

Cheltenham-based Neptune Rain may have found themselves facing the same sort of problems that the rest of the music industry was confronted with as things begun grinding to a halt over lockdown this year, but instead of letting themselves be carried away by this adversity, they have used it as a period to hone in their creative drive. Working on a self-produced debut EP, they have made a sweeping entrance into the world with their crushing debut single If That Was Love.

Packing in punchy riffs and jabbing percussion, the band has cracked the modern rock formula on their first go, blending the typical elements of the genre to create a slick, well-produced debut that sets the bar high for their future. The band makes an impact not only sonically, but lyrically as well as they draw upon personal experiences to deliver a heartfelt message that will be sure to resound with listeners. The raw emotions that permeate the track is the type that can only come from an honest and open heart, and the band explains that “ironically this song was written about the perspective a loving marriage had given our vocalist on past relationships. About a month later his wife left him and the song took on a whole new meaning.”