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JUNI POET Shares New Single ‘Whisper’

Whisper is an honest, heartbreaking and sublime cut from Sweden’s singer/songwriter Juni Poet.

Juni Poet 2020

An amalgamation of untold stories that Juni Poet has collected in his own life, Whisper touches upon how hiding parts of your identity can be soul-destroying but the fear of not being heard or taken seriously far outweighs the pain. The song is soft and has a personality of its own, capturing the essence of both finding yourself and being unsure of who you are. 

Juni Poet’s vocals are raw and powerful, you believe and invest in every word sung as you’re taken on a journey through his own self-discovery. The lyric “I don’t wanna whisper at all” personifies feelings of anxiety surrounding who you are and being accepted but it’s also a contradiction of being proud of who you are and wanting to tell the world. Juni Poet’s songwriting is brutal and beautiful and is perfectly paired with whimsical and raw vocals.

Speaking on his work, Juni Poet shares:

My music is nothing more then a failed attempt to understand my existence.