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FAKE SHARK Release Video for ‘L-ectric Touch’

Fake Shark’s L-ectric Touch marries pop’s most contagious elements from various eras.

Fake Shark 2020

Canadian indie-pop outfit, Fake Shark, may have released the most groove-stricken song of the summer with L-ectric Touch, which is housed on their 2020 album House Of Mirrors.

A stand out track when compared to the more rock driven singles released from the album, L-ectric Touch is fast-paced and diverse, showcasing the group’s musical and compositional abilities in a new light.

From the Prince-esque guitar stylings to the sonic synths of MGMT and a chorus build up that Justin Timberlake would kill for — this track perfectly marries pop’s most dance-inducing elements from throughout the ages.

With a heavy reliance on the futuristic band’s love of retro, L-ectric Touch is zested in 70s motown and strategically utilizes elements such as momentous choral echoes, to create what can only be described as musical sunshine.

Undeniably fun from start to finish, this song has every component necessary to make it a go to pick-me-up, fitting in perfectly on everything from your ‘wake up’ playlist to your ‘get down’ soundtrack.

Don’t believe us? Check out the accompanying music video! It is the ultimate testament that L-ectric Touch was built to get anyone, and everyone, dancing.

You can now stream or download House Of Mirrors in its entirety, to (re)introduce yourself to the full spectrum capabilities of this impressively talented and quirky Canadian band.