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JOHN FAMOS Debut Rock-Infused Single ‘Victoria’

With a lot of good music coming out of Canada at the moment, it’s no surprise that John Famos join that list with their flowy, rock-infused debut single Victoria.

John Famos 2020

After some time figuring out their sound, John Famos have landed on gold. The blend of folksy intonations and low-key rock experienced on their debut single Victoria is a delight to listen to. Catchy, clever lyricism like the chorus “If we’re together on your birthday / Through the storms and all the earthquakes / Still a natural disaster / In the end” is emphasised by the constantly shifting and pausing instrumentals. Plucky riffs and enthusiastic drums turn to dreamy, all-encompassing sound, which turns to a clear focus on the vocals. It makes listening to Victoria not only enjoyable but interesting, too. The song changed meaning when John Famos learned that their friend had recently broken up with a girl of the same name, becoming a tune of realization and acceptance. After all, it’s not always easy to admit “I’m still a fuck boy and I’ll throw it all away.”