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THE DRIVER ERA Dazzle With Alluring New Video for ‘Take Me Away’

The dreamy track receives an equally dreamy visual makeover as The Driver Era unveil the video for their newest single Take Me Away.

The Driver Era 2020

Brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch are living demonstration of the beauty that can arise when two people share the same creative wavelength and harness the affinity to create something deeply raw and touching. They further enlist familial help as they share their newest video for Take Me Away, directed by their brother Ryland Lynch and cousin Gordy De St. Jeor. Cinematic sunsets juxtapose moments of calm piano playing with impassioned drum smashing, bringing out the contrasting aspects of the music in a spectacular visual feast.

Take Me Away ropes you into a realm of musical escapism and acts as a screen against the relentless drive of daily life in its hedonistic indulgence in fantasies and thoughts. The track forms part of the duo’s musical project for this year, Cache, which is set to continue for the remainder of 2020 with more releases to come. Adopting a laid-back tempo, feel all of your anxieties simply melt away to the tropical beats and blissful piano accompaniment. Adding and taking away layers of harmony as they wish, there’s a carefreeness to the track that will soothe and relax you in its ability to do as it wants. From resonating vocals to searing guitars, the track takes you on a journey of highs and lows, before coming full circle to a mellowed ending with improvisatory piano counter-melodies and wavy electronics.