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BESTFRIEND Drop Electrifying New Single ‘Last Bus In The A.M.’

Fast and frenzied, Last Bus In The A.M. is the dazzling new single from Canadian duo Bestfriend.

Bestfriend 2020

By listening to Last Bus In The A.M., you would never guess that Bestfriend is a collaboration by two people living on opposite ends of Canada. It is a paragon for seamless, feel-good, energetic pop. Singing together, Stacy Kim and Kaelan Geoffrey’s voices complement each other’s while managing to stand distinctly apart. From the THX studio opening to the dizzying piano break and the foot-stomping bridge, seamless instrumental transitions add stunning depth to Last Bus In The A.M. Though it is at times chaotic, it is chaos done with purpose, working to build up the story and frantic emotions woven throughout the track. With Last Bus In The A.M., it’s clear that Bestfriend are on a high-speed trajectory to success and it’s going to be a great ride along the way.

Describing the song, Bestfriend said:

This song is about the feeling like ur stuck, feeling like nothing’s gonna die down anytime soon. the feeling of being trapped in a conversation with a complete stranger about some tv show which u have never watched a single episode of in your life. do u know what you’re looking for?