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POPPY Unveils Explosive New Single ‘Khaos x4’

If this year had a soundtrack to accompany it, then it would surely be Poppy’s latest single, Khaos x4.

Poppy 2020

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Poppy is definitely not one to sit comfortably within boundaries and pushes at creative borders to blur between genres. This artistic pursuit continues in her thrilling latest single, Khaos x4, which is at times a smashing, bone-rattling, metal-influenced track, whilst displaying a softer side in dreamy soundscapes at other points. The single is unveiled in anticipation of the release of an expanded version of her latest album, I Disagree (more), which will feature four additional new songs and is set for release on August 14th via Sumerian Records.

Beginning with a grungy, filthy riff, Khaos x4 makes a grand entrance with all guns blazing, deceptively taking things down a notch for a lighter verse before closing in around you again. As Poppy’s feminine vocals shrieks “chaos!” in the background, the track successfully evokes the very feeling which it is named after, and feels like an apt musical summary of the wildly unpredictable nature of 2020. You can’t sit too comfortably for too long, as Poppy will sweep you off guard continually, but this is what marks her out as such an exciting artist to keep an eye on.

I Disagree (more) tracklisting

1. Concrete
2. I Disagree
4. Anything Like Me
5. Fill the Crown
6. Nothing I Need
7. Sit / Stay
8. Bite Your Teeth
9. Sick of the Sun
10. Don’t Go Outside
11.  If It Bleeds
12. Bleep Bloop
13. Khaos x4
14. Don’t Ask