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ANDY’S ROOM Push Themselves With New Single ‘Superstition’

American alternative band, Andy’s Room, are spreading their wings and soaring to new sonic heights on their most recent release Superstition.

Andy's Room 2020

Paying homage to their emo and pop-punk roots, Superstition is layered with bellicose percussion, infectious rock-driven riffs and emotive lyrical content, however, the track is a new kind of elevated for the quartet.

A prime example that Andy’s Room are ready to push boundaries, Superstition showcases a whole new side of their compositional talents with echoing synths, breezy vocals and a surprise momentous horn interlude.

Written about the anxieties that come following a fresh break up, the song’s ever deepening soundscape treads in swoon pop waters and shoegaze whirlpools that have listeners floating through each heartbreak-laced verse.

In regards to Superstition, the band has this to say:

‘Superstition’ is a song that embodies the confusion and frustration of a newly ended relationship and the feelings that come with that. It’s an acknowledgement of all of the pain and feelings of uncertainty that come with moving on. It also offers some new sonic elements and instrumentation that has not yet been showcased from us up to this point.