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BE NO RAIN Releases Poignant New Single ‘Media Luna’

London-based artist, Be No Rain has released his third single from his forthcoming debut album, Strawberry Backstory.

Be No Rain 2020

Taking musical artistry to a new level, the track Media Luna is nearly three minutes of pure nostalgia, made more potent by the accompanying music video. Directed by Jacek Zmarz, the mini music film is a memory-flooded montage of 50 home videos, that features footage of family vacations, holidays and large get-togethers from years passed that will immediately leave you yearning.

Cinematic yet accessible thanks to its pop-slathered base, Media Luna may just be the anthem to the year 2020, the song is a lovelorn letter penned to the harsh “new reality” the pandemic has brought us. Much like how this year has been, the track has its own valleys and peaks that have been integrated through powerful juxtaposition.

The treacherous valleys are dug out through distanced and droning synths, elegiac lyrics and a seemingly exhausted disposition from Be No Rain himself – while the track’s peaks are erected through its hopeful piano melody, slow building percussion and the honesty felt within the vocals

Touching  more on the track, Be No Rain said:

As the song developed it became more of a generalised study of dread, that kind of non-contingent fear that lives in the realm of dreams. Or even the dread that arises at 6am, stumbling, cold onto an unfamiliar street, blinking in the dawn as a chemical shroud lifts and every passing thought feels altogether too tragic and terrible to comprehend. Nonetheless, what’s left resounding at the end of the song is a sense of hope. Dread is transient and so are we; with or without our misdeeds the world will keep spinning.

Strawberry Backstory will be available to stream and purchase in full via One Two Many Records as of September 18th. Until then you can listen to Media Luna and previously released tracks Deadweight and All Night, Right? on all major streaming platforms.