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BASEBALL GAME Share New Single ‘Baseball Game’

With one of the most hooking, sun-drenched choruses of this summer, Baseball Game is sure to wind around in your head for the near future.

Baseball Game 2020

LA/Nashville duo Baseball Game unveil their eponymous single as a part of their self-titled debut EP, and the work marks a stunning introduction to the creative collaboration between Adam Carpenter and Jason Bennett. Chronicling their own experiences of life through relationship dissolution, bittersweet nostalgia, and a tender yearning for things beyond our grasp, the EP is an intimate welcome into the hazy soundscape of the duo, designed to charm you and wrap you in an evocative embrace. The duo explains of the EP:

Our debut EP is a collection of songs about nostalgia, desire, melancholy, and loss. Writing this album allowed us to sit down with ourselves and sift through the most human emotions we’ve experienced this past year. Each song felt like a race we didn’t have to win, rather we let them develop at their own pace, never forcing the process. That is something Baseball Game as a whole, and especially this album, allowed us to do.

Opening single Baseball Game opens a world of woozy synths and flickering guitars, set atop of urgent rhythmic drives and the natural swells of the melody. Gentle vocals coax and reminisce upon past dissatisfactions and wishes yet to be fulfilled. With a soaring chorus that is sure to send chills down your spine, Baseball Game is a visceral cut that will loop around in your consciousness long after the last note has faded.