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MIA NICOLAI Charms With Tender Debut Single ‘Set Me Free’

With honest vocals that will cut straight to your core, Mia Nicolai shows herself to be a friend to confide in as she releases her candid debut single Set Me Free.

Mia Nicolai 2020

Amsterdam-born, nomadic musician Mia Nicolai has never been one to conform to the conventional, and understands the challenges that come with going against the grain. Channelling her own wild, carefree spirit in her music, it comes as no surprise that her music exudes a breeziness that feels freeing amongst the plethora of expectations placed upon us by everyday living and society. With her debut single Set Me Free, Mia draws upon both the light and the dark, the joyful and the melancholic to harmonise a balanced duality that is sure to appeal to listeners from all walks of life.

Combining dappling beats with her own supple vocals, Set Me Free is a lesson in sincerity as Mia opens her heart and feelings for listeners to pore over. Gently strummed acoustic guitars work hand-in-hand with Mia’s veracious voice to strike a heartfelt tone which will chime with you internally. The chorus flies with grace and brings an irresistible electro-pop melody that makes Mia another exciting young talent to keep your eyes upon.