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PSYENCE Share Blistering New Single ‘Tusk’

If electrifying riffs and charges of adrenaline are what you’re after, then you need look no further than Tusk, the searing new single from Psyence.

Psyence 2020

Alternative rock quintet Psyence deliver a rousing call-to-arms with their newest song Tusk, a track peppered with hammering riffs and hooking melodies that will sink their claws into your subconscious and refuse to let go. The band describes the track as “a tribal marching beat packed full of swagger for the scorn lovers”. Stomping and smashing past expectations, the track channels a brute will and determination that aligns with the hard working ethos of the band, which can be partially attributed to the working-class background that shaped Psyence into the driven musicians they are today.

A fearless opening sets the thundering tone of the track, as electric guitars pierce through with enough intensity to make sparks fly. Once you add the tribal drumming and group vocals on top, you have a fail-safe formula for an unforgettable sonic experience. Whisking you away with their psychedelia-infused tune, Psyence impose a statement presence that makes them a band you won’t forget easily, and Tusk will command your full attention for the duration of the track and beyond.