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SAINT RAYMOND Shares New Single ‘Love This Way’

Saint Raymond has offered an infectious summer track, Love This Way, that is perfect for the heatwave.  

Saint Raymond 2020

Love This Way perfectly compliments the overall mood of what’s been a challenging year but not even a global pandemic can stop Saint Raymond releasing a new track from his highly anticipated second album, due out next year. Written around themes of unexpected turns in a relationship, Love This Way pairs criminally feverish guitar hooks with a tropical Caribbean style melody that captures memories of beach parties, BBQs and long summer nights. The high energy and party atmosphere that’s present on the song from start to finish instantly makes it a summer anthem. 

Speaking about the track, Saint Raymond shares:

The song is about when a relationship doesn’t quite work how it should. But you’re both too scared to let go and you wonder if it’s just how it is and always will be. And whether it’s better to stay in it together in a messed up way.