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STARK Teams Up With AYONI on ‘All Out Of Love’

Songwriter and producer Stark has released a galactic new single, All Out Of Love, featuring Ayoni.

Stark x Ayoni 2020

Stark‘s fifth single All Out Of Love is splashed with R&B soul vines that match together with stunning harmonies and marvellous melodies that make the song unique, helping it stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Centred around self confidence and freedom, the track touches on the realisation that you deserve more from a partner. The song would fit well with fans of Christine and the Queens due to its modern approach and the futuristic mental imagery it paints in the mind, creating a truly immersive experience for the listener. 

Speaking on the new release, Ayoni shares:

‘All Out Of Love’ is a summery single I got to make this quarantine with the wonderful Stark. It’s a liberating pop song from the point of view of someone who realises they deserve more from a partner, and can start by modelling that love to themselves. It was really fun to make and I hope it’s a lovely soundtrack to everyone’s days.