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JEREMY PASCAL Debut Performance Video for ‘Poser’

With an unstoppable punk drive, Jeremy Pascal share a performance video for their newest single Poser.

Jeremy Pascal 2020

Vienna-based rockers Jeremy Pascal have embodied in their name not only their own musical brand of rock, but also a fictional character through whom they explore and confront the challenges that young adulthood brings. Building upon personal stories as well as more general observations on the age-group in society, it works upon both the individual and the collective level to bring you music that is unfiltered, emotional, and cathartic. Frontman Tino Romana muses:

Jeremy Pascal is the first project I’ve been a part of where the lyrics are completely open and honest. I used to write songs with a more cryptic approach. The most frightening part of Jeremy Pascal was letting the people who already know me into my real world, as everything I’ve lived is in the songs now.

For their latest creative venture, the band share a video for Poser which sees them performing the track in their underground rehearsal space. With razor sharp lyricism and emotive vocals, it harks at early 2000’s emo whilst offering the band’s fresh new perspective upon it. Speaking about the track, Tino shares:

‘Poser’ is a cynical twist on the whole new-school emo movement, as we acknowledge how little it matters that we miss our exes or don’t wanna grow up. The entire scene dwells in self-pity because it’s trendy again to be irresponsible.

The hook of the song acknowledges that we crave ‘fucked up, romantic love stories that don’t lead to anything’. Then in the verses we proclaim that ‘nobody cares, it happens to everyone’, as we fully admit that we aren’t special for feeling this way.