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SMOKEHOUSE Drop Summer Jam ‘Brazil’

Nostalgic yet upbeat, Brazil from Smokehouse is a sun-kissed pop delight you won’t be able to get enough of.

smokehouse 2020

Escaping into a summer dream has never been easier than with the help of Canadian duo Smokehouse (Daniel MacKenzie, Peter Mol) as they create wonders with their latest single, Brazil. A shimmering bliss of laid-back beats and groovy bass lines, speckled with twinkling synths and honey-glazed vocals, the track is a quintessence of relaxing, bright indie-pop music. Sitting somewhere between fantasy and reality, the song tells the story of loving somebody so much it hurts, making it the perfect accompaniment to romantic walks and warm summer nights.

Speaking about the new single, the duo shares:

‘Brazil was’ the first song we made together as SMOKEHOUSE. It started with a shitty little drum machine we had laying around, and quickly found its way into the indie-pop thing it is now. It was so hot that year in California, it really drove the song to be this polychromatic dreamlike summer memory of that fantasy everyone wishes they could live over and over again but you never really get the chance to (in any sort of reasonable capacity anyway).