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JEFFERSON CLAY Shares Infectious New Cut ‘Do I Go Down Smooth?’

Bringing an irresistible sound in Do I Go Down Smooth?, we feel confident in answering Jefferson Clay’s answer in the affirmative with his newest track.

Jefferson Clay 2020

Austin-based musician Jefferson Clay lights a burning ember with his newest single Do I Go Down Smooth?, presenting ardent melodies with tantalising vocals that will send shivers down your spine. The track is the third single from his collaboration with producer and songwriter Lonely Child, who works with Jefferson to turn his musical ideas into reality. Speaking more on the collaboration, Jefferson explains:

The idea was for each of these songs to capture a personal moment of my early 20s.. living in the early 20s. Successful and unsuccessful romance, fear of aging and failure, spite over being misunderstood and misrepresented, you know, stuff no one else has EVER gone through.

In a rallying cry for authenticity, Do I Go Down Smooth? sees Jefferson tackling the self-doubt and the temptation to give into conformation and compliance to please others. Drawing upon the internal question of being accepted by others, this all-too-familiar feeling receives a refreshing sonic update in alluring vocal swoops and rousing claps. You’ll be left with a swaggering confidence as Jefferson confronts this hurdle by bolstering both his own and your self-esteem. We can confidently affirm that Jefferson has nothing to fear when he asks Do I Go Down Smooth? and Jefferson leaves us with this message:

You have little control over how the world perceives you. Be 200% true to yourself, find the people who really care about you, surround yourself with them, and the world can mind its own.