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Daily Archives: August 28, 2020

Album Review // GIANT ROOKS ‘Rookery’

With a hint of lyrical surrealism and bittersweet melancholia, Germany’s hottest export Giant Rooks make a statement with their debut album, Rookery, serving us a delightful, genre-free sonic cocktail. A project that’s spent years in the making, Rookery is the debut album from Berlin-based art-pop rockers,

Alt Bloom 2020

Artist Of The Week // ALT BLOOM

Infused with a laid-back vibe, Alt Bloom provides the answer to all of your summer musical needs with text talk touch. Alt Bloom is the creative output for Ethan Thompson’s journey of exploration and soul-searching, fusing together his musical upbringing and his changing influences to

Aman Sheriff 2020

AMAN SHERIFF Shares New Single ‘I’m Alone’

“I think I’m overthinking again” perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Aman Sheriff’s sprightly new single, I’m Alone. Although I’m Alone has all the elements of a pop hit, Aman Sheriff has also locked down the melancholic essence of his lyrics. Singing frankly about anxiety and