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CHLOE LILAC Releases Video for ‘DOUCHEBAG’

Dark pop princess Chloe Lilac is unapologetically ‘savage’ in a vibrant, bold music video for her sophomore EP title track, DOUCHEBAG.

Chloe Lilac 2020

The Brooklyn-based rising singer and songwritter is not the shy type when it comes to oversharing and speaking her own mind, she proved that earlier this year with her previous singles, Here’s Your Song and Obvious, and she’s proving it yet once again in an even more raw form with DOUCHEBAG. The story behind the daring title? “It’s really about me just sticking it to that motherfucker.”

Much like her previous singles, Chloe Lilac opts to fuse old school pop-punk and modern pop synths that create the bold playfully rebellious sound overpowered by rhythmic trap drums, electrifying guitar strings and commanding attention worthy vocals that remind us of a young early 2000s Avril Lavigne. Accompanied by an equally dazzlingly bold  visual, the self-directed music video sees Chloe fearlessly dancing and wittily portraying different types of guys, capturing the true essence of the track.

Speaking on her new EP, Chloe shares:

As a young woman I’m so conditioned to just take what men give me and thank them for it. These songs on my EP are about empowering myself and my listeners to give them strength to manifest confidence. It’s for myself and for them. It’s both.