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MA FLEUR Shares New Single ‘Look’

Ma Fleur has managed to pull over the perfect combination of emotive, sprawling pop in his new tune Look.

Ma Fleur 2020

Look is lifted off Ma Fleur‘s debut EP, Big Dreams, that has caught our attention. From the start, drum beats lead into keys and guitars that set the pace. The track is energetic and captivating in itself, yet it allows for the lyrics to take full attention. Exploring discontent with someone close to you, there’s a frustration that Ma Fleur tries to express. The German singer-songwriter embraces the emotional turbulence that you face in young adult life throughout the five tracks on his new EP. Qualms and doubts you see in yourself and your future. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that these only continue and we have to adapt and prosper through. And if this is a taste of things to come from this flourishing artist, it’s a sign of great things to come.